CANNON MONTH: Malombra (1984)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Malombra was not produced by Cannon — shh, Roger Corman was the uncredited producer — but was theatrically distributed  by Cannon Distributors (UK) Ltd.

Directed by Bruno Gaburro (Ecco HomoScandal In the Family) and written by Piero Regnoli (DemoniaBurial GroundCry of a Prostitute), this is pure Italian sleaze with the venneer of art — as you like it — imported to America by Cannon (well, the UK division).

A young man named Marco (Stefano Alessandrini) goes to stay with his uncle after his aunt dies. They’re all alone save his uncle’s sister-in-law. Oh yeah — and the redhead who every night appears and gets herself off and then disappears. That redhead? She looks exactly like Marco’s dead aunt.

Really, the reason to watch this is because Paola Senatore is in it. You may remember her from A.A.A. Masseuse, Good-Looking, Offers Her ServicesRicco or Emanuelle in America.

Gaburro re-edited footage from this movie into another, Penombra, which focuses more on Sanatore’s character and her affair with a man named Alessio (Daniel Stephen).

This is just another example of how the original Cannon made its first successes: grab some foreign softcore and play it in grindhouses and drive-ins; has anyone ever seen an ad for this?

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