Hey — do you have some Tubi picks? Share them with me…I could use the help!

1.  Twister’s Revenge!TUBI LINK

Man, Bill Rebane, what were you doing? What am I doing saying you should watch this? A computer-driven monster truck with a heart? I mean, I’ve certainly recommended worse.

2. Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks: TUBI LINK

No one knows who directed this movie for sure, why the 19th century villagers have on blue jeans or how this perverted movie got a PG rating.

3. Massacre Mafia Style: TUBI LINK

Duke Mitchell made movies his way. So get out of the way. This movie is deliriously insane in the best of ways, a grubbier mafia movie than you’ve seen before and one that had a movie scene have real guests invited and their gifts donated to pay for the movie.

4. Vice Academy 2: TUBI LINK

Linnea Quigley and Ginger Allen are back, but Teagan Clive appears as Bimbocop and takes this series into the surreal. Yes, it’s that dumb. Also, yes, it’s that good.

5. After Midnight: TUBI LINK

I started at this cover every time I rented movies and didn’t ever get it. What was I thinking? This anthology movie is a blast with an ending that makes the movie so much better.

6. Hide and Go Shriek: TUBI LINK

A way late in the game slasher that has a problematic reason for the killer killing everyone, but when has having a killer needing politically correct reasons for offing people been a thing?

7. The Adventures of Mark TwainTUBI LINK

A dying Mark Twain, some kids, Satan…the most frightening movie I’ve ever posted on the site.

I’m not joking.

8. Convoy: TUBI LINK

“Ah, breaker one-nine, this here’s the Rubber DuckYou gotta copy on me, Pig Pen, c’mon? Ah, yeah, 10-4, Pig Pen, fer shure, fer shureBy golly, it’s clean clear to Flag Town, c’monYeah, that’s a big 10-4 there, Pig PenYeah, we definitely got the front door, good buddyMercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy”

9. Day of the Warrior: TUBI LINK

Yes, I will put an Andy Sidaris movie on this list, every list. This one has Julie Strain. Watch it and thank me — and Andy, and Julie, and everyone in it — for fixing your life.

10. Vampyres: TUBI LINK

I almost shared the safe for work version of this movie’s art, but Jose Larraz has gotten me in so much trouble that I feel I should lean in and support what was his best movie.

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