What’s more amazing?

  • This monster truck move was made by Monster a Go-GoThe Alpha IncidentBlood HarvestThe Game and The Giant Spider Invasion director Bill Rebane.
  • It’s about a talking monster truck named Mr. Twister who is very much KITT from Knight Rider two years after that show was canceled.
  • It’s a vigilante revenge film — like Death Wish — and also a comedy.
  • It was made in 1988, three years after Bigfoot had his cartoon.
  • This was released by Arrow as part of their Weird Wisconsin The Bill Rebane Collection

The answer? All of these things blew my mind.

Also known as Ein Supertruck auf Gangsterjagd! (A Supertruck on a Gangster-Hunt!) in Germany, this movie is about three criminals trying to steal Mr. Twister – after all, his computer is worth $200,000 — before they just decide to kidnap his designer who just so happens to be married to his driver.

The driver wants to grab a shotgun and kill everyone in his path, which I generally endorse, except that Mr. Twister talks — he never has before — and gives him a better plan. Or maybe the driver has a mental disorder brought on by the stress of his wife’s kidnapping and we’re inside his mind. Who can say?

Man, Bill Rebane, you get me every time. There’s no reason why I should like this movie and every reason why I should love it.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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