CANNON MONTH 2: The Young Playmates (1972)

Also known as Au Pair Girls, this was filmed on the estate of George Harrison and was based on a script by producer David Grant. The original story was much more sexually explicit than what the final film ended up being thanks to director Val Guest, who disliked the pornographic ideas that Grant had.

Guest also directed The Quatermass XperimentQuatermass 2The Camp On Blood Island and The Day the Earth Caught Fire before making Confessions of a Window Cleaner, Toomorrow and When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth.

There are four au pair girls:

The Danish Randi (Gabrielle Drake, Lt. Ellis on Gary Anderson’s UFO) works for a mean businessman and when his son picks her up at the airport, she ends up sleeping with the young man before they even get up to his boss’ office.

Swedish Anita (Astrid Frank) teases Mr. Howard, the older man she’s working for, yet doesn’t realize that she’s doing it. Then she ends up getting picked up by a sheik (Ferdy Mayne) who wants to take her back to his home.

Chinese Nan (Me Me Lai, not having to deal with cannibals this time) works in a large mansion where she falls for a concert pianist and German Christa (Nancie Wait) loses her heart and virginity to a rock star.

We follow each story throughout the movie, going from girl to girl as their dramas unfold. Some of the stories are ridiculous, some are sad and all try to be sexy. It doesn’t always succeed, but it is a travelogue film too if you enjoy that.

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