POPCORN FRIGHTS: They Wait In the Dark (2022)

Amy (Sarah McGuire, The Stylist) is a young woman on the run with her young son Adrian, trying to stay one step ahead of her abusive ex-girlfriend Judith (Laurie Catherine Winkel). The chase takes them from motel to motel, seeking out people to help them get further away, even sleeping in gas station bathrooms to try to stay as far away as they can.

Yet when they start hiding in a barn in Kansas, some demonic force from Amy’s past begins to take over Adrian, all when Amy’s past — in the form of Judith — gets closer.

From the very real terror of abusive relationships to the supernatural world of possession, They Wait In the Dark is an intense heartpounding thrill ride of a film

Director Patrick Rea has plenty of credits on his directing resume — I Am List is probably the best-known — and has used that experience to put together a unique and tense film.

They Wait In the Dark is playing at Popcorn Frights and will be available to watch virtually as part of the festival.

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