POPCORN FRIGHTS: Final Summer (2022)

Late summer 1991 finds the final day of summer camp at Camp Silverlake and an opportunity for the urban legend of the camp to come to life and take revenge on the counselors of the camp. Sure, we’ve seen it before, but what as time, distance and a lawsuit that keeps Friday the 13th movies from being made taught us?

With star turns from Thom Matthews (Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives) and pro wrestler Bishop Stevens, director John Isberg told Phasr that his influences on the film were Black ChristmasHalloween, Deep RedNightmare on Elm StreetIt FollowsDon’t Breathe, Final Exam, Blood Rage, Sleepaway Camp, The Burning, Pieces, Final Girls and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. Parts of the movie gave me the feeling of Torso and A Bay of Blood visually, but they may be filtered through the lens of Friday the 13th Part 2.

I don’t know if any modern slasher will ever make me feel like one from 1981, but this one certainly tries. It doesn’t all come together in the end, but it’s a fine modern take on the form and one obviously made with love for the genre.

Final Summer is playing at the Popcorn Frights festival and is available to watch digitally during the festival. You can learn more about this film on its official Facebook page.

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