SLASHER MONTH: Blood Rage (1987)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: When Frederick Burdsall isn’t at work or watching movies while covered in cats, you can find Fred in the front seat of Knoebels’ Phoenix. 

Howdy all and welcome. Tonight I will be telling you about a little film they call Blood Rage...or Nightmare at Shadow Woods…or Slasher….or…you get the point. It starts off harmlessly enough with twins Todd and Terry at the drive in with their mom (Louise Lasser, more about her later) and her boyfriend. Terry wakes up to see his mom making out and disgusted by the whole thing wakes up his brother and sneaks out of the car. For reasons known only to Terry, he grabs a hatchet out of the back of a truck and hacks up a guy having sex in a nearby car and as brothers will do, promptly wipes the blood on his brother, hands him the hatchet and blames it all on him. 

10 years go by and Terry and his mom are living in Shadow Woods Apartments and readying for Thanksgiving when Terry gets the news that his mom is going to marry Brad, the owner of the complex. On top of all this his brother has escaped from the Institution and you can guess where he’s headed. ( I don’t know who’s more incompetent, asylum staffers or Giallo Police but they need to train these people better.) 

Terry takes this as an opportunity to get rid of Brad and blame his brother, which he does admirably. Dr. Berman and her assistant show up looking for Todd and end up on the wrong side of Terry’s hatchet in spectacular fashion. Meanwhile, Todd has arrived and is making nice with his brothers friend Karen until he admits to being Todd and sends her running for her life.  None of this seems to stop anyone from getting high and screwing around because it’s Florida and who cares if a psycho with a hatchet is running loose….PARTY!!! 

Mom handles this all by getting soused. Bodies pile up, identities get confused and it all ends.well, find out for yourself.  Louise Lasser was most known as the title character of the brilliant soap parody Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and she is in full blown Mary Hartman mode in this movie and it totally works. The perfect blending of numb and confused as the happiest day of her life goes completely into the sewer. Funny in spots and startlingly brutal.

So watch and enjoy Blood Rage and as always…See you at Knoebels.

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