CANNON MONTH 2: Seven Days Too Long (1968)

“And the heat goes on with Linda and Chuck, Lisa and Walter, Robin and John.”

That tagline and who is in this movie — thanks to the always astounding Grindhouse Cinema Database — is nearly all I could find about this movie.

Its director, William K. Hennigar, also made another movie Cannon released in their early days, The Wicked Die Slow, and ran camera on three Barry Mahon movies — A Good Time With a Bad GirlSex Club International and Run Swinger Run! — all made in 1967.

Some of its cast members did more than a one and done appearance, like Robin Nolan who shows up in Shaft and Teenage Gang Debs; Christopher Penncock was Gabriel Collins on Dark Shadows; Helen Stewart is also in Hennigar’s aforementioned The Wicked Die Slow; Verne Williams was Cujo in The Last Dragon and was part of Bad Guys Inc., a prank created by Joey Skaggs in The Art of the Prank); Maria Lease would go on to direct several adult films as Joanna Williams, Jack Williams, Wray Hamilton and Jennifer Ray; as an editor she used the name Mario Graves and edited Planet of the Dinosaurs; she appeared in Al Adamson’s Dracula vs. Frankenstein and finally, wrote and directed Dolly Dearest. That’s what I call a career!

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