A Good Time with a Bad Girl (1967)

There are moments in A Good Time with a Bad Girl where you’d be fooled into thinking that Barry Mahon is eschewing the typical nudie cutie movies that he always makes — when he isn’t making roughies — and filming something really personal: the idea that when a middle-aged man finally goes through with the affair he always wanted with a teenage girl that real life can’t mentally or physically live up to his fantasy.

Then there’s a really long sequence where a girl gets a backrub with that kind of 1960’s massage device that looks like a laser gun.

A millionaire falls for a girl with no morals — she’s the one getting the massage we mentioned above — but all she does is giggle, say groovy and read comic books. Other than being much younger than his wife, it’s hard to see the obsession. That said, perhaps that’s exactly the point this movie makes in spite of itself.

Oh yeah, one more time about that massage. That’s John Beck as the cowboy. He was in RollerballSleeper and Audrey Rose.

I would never recommend that anyone watch this movie, but I certainly wouldn’t tell you to miss it. I’m weird that way.

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