CANNON MONTH 2: Hellbound (1994)

Directed by Aaron Norris and written by Ian Rabin, Anthony Ridio and Brent Friedman, this movie beat End of Days to screens by five years and allows viewers to watch Chuck Norris sidekick a demon, which is something I highly love.

Chicago cops Frank Shatter (Chuck Norris) and Calvin Jackson (Calvin Levels, Adventures In Babysitting) have a case that takes them the whole way to Israel where they end up coming up against Satan’s henchman Prosatanos (Christopher Neame), who has been alive since he was stopped by King Richard (David Robb) back during the Crusades and trapped in a tomb under the Earth.

Prosatanos’ scepter was shattered by the King into nine pieces which were sent to nine holy places around the world. Now, Prosatanos must battle Shatter and Jackson for the fate of the world.

You’ll pray to the dark lord by the end of this movie that Jackson is murdered, as he keeps yelling things like “Either that guy is nuttier than a Snickers or there is some real heavy shit going down!”

Also: Frank Shatter is the best Chuck Norris name ever and the fake name I will be using at every restaurant where I must give my name for the rest of my life.

2 thoughts on “CANNON MONTH 2: Hellbound (1994)

  1. Apparently Hellbound was actually shot in 1992 a year before Walker Texas Ranger which starred Chuck Norris and Sheree J Wilson who both were in Hellbound. I always thought the characters of Detective Calvin Jackson and Ranger James Trivette were similar in their dynamic with Chuck’s characters in Hellbound and Walker Texas Ranger.


    • I actually reached out to Austin Trunick, the master of all things Cannon, for the answer to this. He said: Hellbound wrapped shooting in December ’92, Walker’s opening movie and first few episodes starting filming in January ’93 and then aired in April. Hellbound didn’t release until ’94. So, depends on how you want to qualify it!


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