CANNON MONTH 2: Chain of Command (1994)

Merrill Ross (Michael Dudikoff) was once a Green Beret but now he’s the employee of an  company in the Middle Eastern nation of Qumiri. The company gets attacked, his co-workers are taken hostage and Ross must battle through rebels and the CIA to make sure that his friends get out alive.

The bad guy is Rawlings (Todd Curtis), who you will love as much as you will hate. His permed up hair is astoudning, as is his devotion to his craft, explaining to those he’s torturing or fighting just how he plans on using their nerve endings to kill them. The scene where he explains the pleasure and torture zones to Keren Tishman is just…deranged. In the best of ways.

Meanwhile, R. Lee Ermey is the Texas oil tycoon causing so much of this insanity to happen.

Dudikoff is way against type in this. Smoking, drinking, swearing. But then he mows down twenty people without reloading and you realize, yeah, this is the movie you turned up for.

This is the kind of movie where Dudikoff stabs a dude with a pool cue and the villain responds with, “My mama said there’d be days like this.”

Though Chain of Command was released in other countries in 1994, its U.S. video release wasn’t until January of 1996, making it the final Cannon movie released in America.

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