CANNON MONTH 2: The Rose Garden (1989)

Based on Günther Schwarberg’s Der SS-Arzt und die Kinder vom Bullenhuser Damm, this is the last film from director Fons Rademakers (The Assault, Because of the CatsLifespan) and tells the story of holocaust survivor Aaron Reichenbach (Maximilian Schell), who finally comes back to Germany and attacks an ex-Nazi officer Arnold Krenn (Kurt Hübner) in a Frankfurt airport.

His public defender Gabriele Schlüter-Freund (Liv Ullmann) soon learns that Aaron is but one of many Jewish men and women who were experimented on by Krenn. It turns out that he’s lost track of his family and this case will not only give him some closure, but also bring to light exactly what happened on the operating tables of the camps.

Written by Paul Hengge (Seven Blood-Stained Orchids) and Artur Brauner (Death Occurred Last NightThe Vengeance of Doctor Mabuse), this also has Peter Fonda showing up as Gabriele’s ex-husband. As this was late in the life of Cannon, it was produced by Brauner, who was a prominent member of the Jewish community of Berlin and a recipient of the Bundesverdienstkreuz, the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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