CANNON MONTH 2: A Man Called Sarge (1989)

During the World War II North African Western Desert Campaign, an army made up of French Foreign Legion deserters is led by the charismatic Sarge Duke Roscoe (Gary Kroeger) as they go into the Sahara desert to attempt to take back the city of Tobruk from Generalmajor Klaus Von Kraut (Marc Singer).

A Man Called Sarge was produced by Gene Corman, brother and production partner of Roger Corman, and also the producer of Tobruk, a dramatic version of the same story, with executive producers being Yoram Globus and Christopher Pearce, as Menahem Golan was gone.

Seeing as how this is a Cannon Israel-shot comedy, these two things occur: a music teacher gets involved and Yehuda Efroni is in the movie.

For years, this was hard to find, only airing on cable, but MGM finally made it available on DVD. It’s not great — hey you can find it on Tubi — but it’s kind of funny to see Singer play a bad guy and you can spot a very young Natasha Leone as a young girl who the Beastmaster punches right in the face.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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