CANNON MONTH 2: Cannon Movie Tales: Puss in Boots (1988)

Directed by Eugene Marner (who also directed Cannon’s Beauty and the Beast) with a screenplay by his wife Carole Lucia Satrina (who wrote three episodes of Tales from the Darkside, as well as Cannon’s Beauty and the Beast and Red Riding Hood), this Cannon Movie Tales has quite a star in its cast: Christopher Walken as Puss, the cat who can change into a man when he wears a special pair of boots. As for his master Corin, he’s played by Jason Connery, the son of Sean.

Corin was the son of a poor man who gave him his cat — Puss — in his will and when the cat becomes a man he makes it seem like Corin is a very rich man. That fake wealth gets him introduced to Princess Vera (Carmela Marner, the director’s and writer’s daughter), who he falls in love with and there’s also an ogre who can turn himself into a lion, a tiger and a bear. So that may be frightening to kids, but despite Golan and Globus making this to play in their British theater chain for matinees, I’m not sure how many kids wanted to watch this.

Then again, seeing Walken as a singing and dancing cat is definitely worth your time.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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