CANNON MONTH: Beauty and the Beast (1987)

I’ve seen all of the Cannon Movie Tales and let me tell you, when I was young and they thought I had promise, well, they were wrong.

Directed by Eugene Marner, who also made Cannon’s Puss In Boots, this was written by his wife Carole Lucia Satrina, who also wrote that film, Cannon’s Red Riding Hood and three episodes of Tales from the Darkside, “Parlour Floor Font,” “In the Cards” and “The Odds.”

This may have the most well-recognized leads in the Cannon Movie Tales, as Beauty is played by Rebecca De Mornay and John Savage is Beast. And playing Beauty’s father is Yossi Graber, who was in Golan and Globus’ Operation Thunderbolt, but I don’t expect anyone other than Cannon Bros to know this.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I wish Cannon made these into fan service films and had the Beauty played by Lucinda Dickey and Bronson as the Beast. When the two of them realize that ninjas, led by Sho Kosugi, are taking over her father’s kingdom, he eats ten cabbages and grabs his specially made crossbow. Directed by Michael Winner, of course. But then as I wrote that, I really don’t want to see Ms. De Mornay get assaulted. So let’s go with Sam Firstenberg.

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