TUBI PICKS (week 12)

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time to fill your brain with some wild stuff on Tubi.

1.  The Necro Files: TUBI LINK

If you haven’t ordered this from Video Vengeance’s new line of SOV blu rays, good news. You can get a sneak preview at this movie right now. Why do I love it? Well, it’s dedicated to Joe D’Amato. And it has huge dicked demon zombies, abundant nudity and, yes, a flying baby that sings most of his dialogue. It’s completely unhinged in a way that movies that people say are completely unhinged are afraid of.

2.  Bloody Muscle Body Builder In Hell: TUBI LINK

The second release of Video Vengeance’s new line of SOV blu rays — also known as Japanese Evil Dead — is also up on the service. It lives up to its crazy name, trust me.

3. Tenement: TUBI LINK

As you watch this movie, which seems like it was set right down the street from Death Wish 3 and Vigilante, you can feel safer in your home, as director Roberta Findlay claims that this is based on her childhood.

4. Dr. Jekyll vs. the Werewolf: TUBI LINK

No matter how many werewolf movies Paul Naschy makes, I will watch them all, again and again. This time, El Hombre Lobo is up against another perhaps even more sinister monster this time. Long may he howl.

5. Alison’s Birthday: TUBI LINK

Part of the All the Haunts Be Ours box set from Severin, this Australian folk horror film had a low budget and big ideas, which is really all you need in this world. I’m pretty fascinated with it and hope you take the time to watch it.

6. No One Would TellTUBI LINK

I think the problem with the world is too many kids aren’t watching enough TV movies. This one will teach you that even Kevin Arnold can do anabolic steroids and murder D.J. Tanner in a fit of white hot rage. From the director of Las Vegas Lady, Noel Nosseck.

7. Flowers In the Attic: TUBI LINK

Just one look at the cover art for this book in the 70s was enough to send me into paroxysms of panic-stricken terror. I’ve somewhat overcome those feelings and absolutely love this movie. Sure, it’s been made again, but when the world is on fire, sometimes you need to hide in the original attic.

8. Death Spa: TUBI LINK

Murderous fish! A killer blender! An asparagus-filled lovemaking scene! Oh man, Death Spa redefines horrible yet I love it so. It’s also known by an even better title: Witch Bitch.

9. Ator the Fighting Eagle: TUBI LINK

If you didn’t know, I love all things Joe D’Amato. I mean, I wrote an entire breakdown of this film series, as well as a deep dive into Filmirage, D’Amato’s releasing company. To try and understand my feelings — or maybe not — watch this barbarian movie. I hope you find something you love just as much.

10. Demonoid: TUBI LINK

Warning! Certain scenes could be too shocking for those of you who are not true believers in the Devil. Man, this movie. God bless Samantha Eggar for screaming her head off and providing her own clothes. God bless Stuart Whitman for being a boxing priest. God bless Russ Meyer girl Haji for being in this. God bless Alfredo Zacarías for making absolute pieces of shit like this and The Bees. God bless you for reading all of this. God bless God.

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