No One Would Tell (1996)

Fred Savage was an ebullient teen, someone who seemingly could never do wrong until in this film, he becomes a high school wrestler who gets on the gas and goes bonkers on Candace Cameron. Yes, there comes a time in every actor’s life to do a made-for-TV ripped from the headlines movie. This one is based on the August 23, 1991 murder of Amy Carnevale by her high school boyfriend Jamie Fuller.

There’s also a Lifetime remake that came out in 2018, but we’re dealing with the original.

Man, there’s really nothing like seeing Kevin Arnold tear into D.J. Tanner with full force roid rage, is there? I realize I’m making light of a real problem — women now know to respect themselves and show ape-like men the door — but I’m also in awe of movies where actors just go for it. More often than not, this action happens in TV movies about very important issues.

Everyone just wants to be popular and not rock the boat. Their indifference — one could say that No One Would Tell — leads to Cameron’s character getting treated to a Laura Palmer funeral. I mean, even when these kids get on the stand in a trial, they speak up for the boy, saying that he wouldn’t have had to beat her if she just listened.

Reginald VelJohnson turned down the role of a cop in this movie. IMDB wants me to say that it was because he had scheduling conflicts with Family Matters, but I think VelJohnson was just sick of constantly having to play a cop, a role he did in Die HardDie Hard 2Turner & HoochGhostbusters and Plain Clothes*.

You may wonder, “Why is this movie so scummy?” I’d blame director Noel Nosseck, who made drive-in fare before this like Best Friends and Las Vegas Lady before moving to TV movies.

Also: I absolutely love the fake Guns ‘n Roses playing in the first scene.

*This reminds me of a convention I was at where Michael Dorn was speaking. Someone asked, “Why is Worf your favorite role?” He replied that he was tired of always playing police officers after CHiPs and it was great to be in a role that let him do something different. The person who asked the question then said, “But as a corrections officer, isn’t Worf a cop?” Dorn looked out at the audience, crestfallen, then just slowly walked off the stage early and went back to his room alone.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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