Racket Girls (1951)

Umberto Scalli (Timothy Farrell, Test Tube BabiesGlen or Glenda) is in charge of women’s wrestling shows, which covers up his crime life, which includes racketeering, bookmaking and prostitution. Yet now, the police and the mob are both after him.

Real pro wrestlers Peaches Page, Rita Martinez and Clara Mortensen all play themselves in this. So does famous ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Sr.

Director Robert C. Dertano knew the subject of bad girls well, as he made Gun GirlsGirl Gang and this movie, directing, writing and editing most of his films. He was also the assistant director on Ed Wood’s Orgy of the Dead. He shot this in the exact same place that Wood made Plan 9 from Outer Space at, Quality Studios at 5628½ Santa Monica Boulevard.

Also known as The Blonde Pick-Up and Pin Down Girls, you can watch the Mystery Science Theater riff of this on Tubi.

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