Arnold Week: Junior (1994)

It’s just a decade or so between Arnold Schwarzenegger being a Terminator and him being the world’s first pregnant man, so never let it be said that the man has no range. Teaming with Ivan Reitman again after Twins and Kindergarten Cop, this may not have had the same magic as those films, but it has some moments of fun in it nonetheless.

Research geneticist Dr. Alex Hesse (Schwarzenegger) and Dr. Larry Arbogast (Danny DeVito, teaming again with Arnold) have invented Expectane, a fertility drug that reduces miscarriages.  Until the FDA approves it, they can’t test it, so Hesse loses his job and geneticist Dr. Diana Reddin (Emma Thompson) comes on board, which convinces Hesse to try the experiment on himself, using the egg named Junior which unbeknowst to him has been stole from Reddin by Arbogast.

Meanwhile, Arbogast’s ex-wife Angela (Pamela Reed) is having a baby — a member of Aerosmith’s touring company is the father — at the same time as Hesse, who keeps pushing the experiment until he starts showing. The doctor team has to keep their boss Dr. Noah Banes (Frank Langella) from taking the credit for the first male baby, which if it were a thing, there’d be all sorts of birth rights.

Out of the three movies that Arnold made with Reitman, this is his favorite. Or that’s what IMDB says, because I’ve heard the same thing about Kindergarten Cop.

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