Arnold Week: Twins (1988)

EDITOR’S NOTE: You know when you’ve seen too many movies? When you review something twice

Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to invest in himself by trying comedy. As Universal Pictures saw this as a major risk, he gave up his salary in exchange for a share of the film’s profits. Seeing as how this movie made $216.6 million dollars on an $18 million dollar budget — director Ivan Reitman and Dabby DeVito made the same deal — I think it all worked out. Some sources say that Arnold made 20% of the profits, which added up to $35,000,000 through international sales, video/DVD sales, and cable and TV airings.

Schwarzenegger and DeVito play Julius and Vincent Benedict, fraternal twins who were created in a secret experiment that combined the DNA of six fathers to produce the perfect baby. Well, they also got Vincent, who received none of the Doc Savage-like upbringing that Julius had.

On his 35th birthday, Werner tells Julius about Vincent. He tracks down his brother in a jail in Los Angeles due to unpaid parking tickets. They also discover that their mother may still be alive, all while dealing with paying off Vincent’s mob debts.

Written by Will Davis (Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot), William Osborne (The Scorpion King) and Timothy Harris (Kindergarten CopMy Stepmother Is an Alien), this movie helped prove that Arnold was more than an action star.

There were plans to do Triplets, which had both Eddie Murphy and Tracy Morgan attached, but with Reitman dying, those plans may have been canceled.

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