El mirón (1977)

As director and writer José Ramón Larraz continued exploring the newfound permissiveness of Spanish culture, he made El mirón which translates as The Voyeur.

Roman (Héctor Alterio) is a successful architect married to a gorgeous woman named Elena (Alexandra Bastedo), yet he has an obsession that is destroying their lives: he wants to see her with another man, yet he also is jealous of every glance she gets from other men. As for her, she’s opposed to the idea, yet he keeps pushing her while at the same time neglecting his work and looking at firearms with a lost look in his eye. That might be because Elena may not want to be with the men her husband chooses, but she’s certainly interested in Rafa (Pep Munné), a young man she’s watched make love to her neighbor.

Sadly, when Larraz tries to make a movie that has some level of being respectable, it all gets sadly sort of boring. This film has brief nudity and mostly moments of drama between adults. Maybe if I saw this before Black Candles and Symptoms, I’d have a different mindset, but I have watched Larraz go wild decimating inhibitions and delivering the kind of sleaze that sends filmgoers running for cover. I was kind of hoping for the same incendiary experience here.

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