El fin de la inocencia (1977)

Teresa (Paca Gabaldon, using the stage name Mary Francis) is the niece of Juan (Jose “Saza” Sazatornil), who has moved into her home after being kicked out of school for bad behavior. She soon connects with her art model aunt Claudia (Cristina Ramón), who has a lover of her own beyond the sadistic arms of her husband. Of course, seeing as this is a European softcore film, aunt and niece will, of course, grow closer.

With a title that translates as The End of Innocence, you know what you’re getting into with this film. At this stage in his career, director and writer José Ramón Larraz had returned to his native Spain, a place that was no longer under the leadership of the Fascist Franco regime. This film was among the first to play so-called S theaters in Spain, movies that had simulated sex, a theme continued by director Enrique Guevara and his film Una loca extravaganzia sexy and other directors like Javier Aguirre, Carlos Aured and yes, Jess Franco.

Also shown as Secrets of a Schoolgirl, this is the first of several sex-based films that Larraz would make as he explored the new freedom of Spain. He would return to making horror films eventually, but for now, he began working in a new genre.

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