L’insegnante viene a casa (1978)

The Schoolteacher In the House is directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini, whose film La Liceale is a major success of the commedia sexy all’italiana genre. He also made Massacre In Dinosaur Valley and The Sword of the Barbarians.

I always find it amusing that Luciano Martino wrote the stories for these movies (the script is by Tarantini, Francesco Milizia, Marino Onorati and Jean Louis) and his wife at the time, Edwige Fenech, is the star. In the third L’insegnante movie, she again plans a different teacher — piano instructor Luisa De Dominicus — and finds herself dealing with the horrible world of men, like her boyfriend Ferdinando “Bonci” Marinott, a politician who lets her think he’s single.

All of the dirty old men that live in her apartment building think that the piano playing is just a cover for Luisa being a lady of the evening, so they drill a hole between her apartment and the bedroom of the landlord’s son Marcello Busatti. Marcello has an unrequited love for her, but if she’s in the world’s oldest profession, there’s no way he can bring her to his family.

Obviously, Fenech deserves so much better than this movie, but one hopes that she made some decent money from it.

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