La Liceale (1975)

The High-School Student was released internationally under the titles The Teasers, Under-graduate Girls, Sophomore Swingers and Teasers. It’s a commedia sexy all’italiana that introduced Gloria Guida, who would appear in four out of the five films in this series. She’s also in the movies Being Twenty and The Bermuda Triangle.

She plays Loredana d’Amico, a girl for whom sex is a tool to get better grades for herself and her classmates. Otherwise, it complicates her life, as her father is cheating with a series of younger women and her mother is with another man. Despite losing her virginity to an older man, she remains unable to determine what men want other than what all men want.

One of the girls in this movie, Monica, is played by Ilona Staller, who would eventually become Cicciolina, a world-famous adult film star and Italian politician.

The tagline may be “Banned in 36 Countries. You Can See It Now Without a Single Cut!” but other than the nudity, this is a pretty innocent coming of age teenage movie, albeit one with the relaxed morals of the Italian film industry.

This was directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini, who also made Confessions of a Lady Cop, the Edwige Fenech movie Taxi Girl and Massacre In Dinosaur Valley.

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