Martial Law 2: Undercover (1991)

Detective Sean Thompson is no longer Chad McQueen, now he’s Jeff Wincott, but Billie Blake is still Cynthia Rothrock and that’s the whole reason why I’m watching this.

This time, they’re on the case of Club Syntax where the elite get favors from beautiful women while being protected by numerous martial arts masters who are all battling to determine which fighting group rules the world of combat. Well, they eventually are, but their team is briefly split up while Thompson moves up to detective and gets a new boss, Captain Krantz (Billy Drago).

I mean, it’s pretty much what you want it to be. A fight club gets infiltrated by Wincott and Rothrock; also she dresses up as a hot dog vendor and then becomes a bartender inside that nefarious club.

Directed by Kurt Anderson with a script by Richard Brandes and exploitation producer master Pierre David, this movie is like ordering a hamburger. You know exactly what it is, but you take that first bite and it’s so rewarding and you think — this is why I ordered this.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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