When Darkness Falls (2022)

When traveling across the Scottish Highlands, one-time friends Jess (Michaela Longden) and Andrea (Emma O’Hara) reconnect before they get separated after a night at a pub and a meet-up with Nate (director Nathan Shepka) and Tommy (Craig McEwan). Feeling something is off, she decides to go on ahead, but then realizes that she needs to go back for her friend. When she finds the corpse of Tommy and another girl — and no Andrea — she may be in even bigger trouble herself in this film from director Nathan Shepka and screenwriter Tom Joliffe.

If you liked And Soon the Darkness, you have an idea of what to expect here. There are some interesting twists and turns; nobody should be trusted. This movie is another example why I never look up old high school friends and tend to stay hidden deep inside my movie cave.

This is a movie that uses its low budget effectively and knows when to switch gears and really grab you. I had some fun with it. Here’s hoping you do the same.


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