Honor and Glory (1992)

Known as Zong heng tian xia, this was directed by Godfrey Ho and written by one and done screenwriter Herb Borkland. It stars Cynthia Rothrock as FBI agent Tracy Pride, who like many a Rothrock character is hunting an evil banker. She’s also backed up by her sister Joyce (Donna Jason, who was also the film’s assistant director) and their CIA agent father John (Leo Rocca).

It also has a guy named Jake (Chuck Jeffreys) who is supposed to be a Bevery Hills Cop-era Eddie Murphy.

The banker is Jason Slade (John Miller), a banker so evil that he blows off a prayer breakfast with Ronald Reagan.

The sisters get the name of the movie into their dialogue, as Tracy says to Joyce, “I chase honor, you chase glory.” How this wasn’t called Pride and Glory makes no sense.

More movies need to have their title said in the movie because I celebrate it every single time that it happens.

I’m just amazed that Godfrey Ho made an entire movie without taking footage from another movie.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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