Sworn to Justice (1996)

Janna (Cynthia Rothrock) sustains a head injury by falling off a roof after masked men kill her sister and nephew. This ends up not only putting her in the hospital, but it also gives her psychic powers — yes! — and also has her still making one-liners and enjoying two very long lovemaking scenes — hey look out for No RetreatNo Surrender‘s Kurt McKinney rocking some briefs — despite the gravity of her situation.

Also: Brad Dourif, Mako, Tony Lo Bianco and Walter Koenig — who Rothrock claimed “terrorized the set while filming” and was “belligerent toward director Paul Maslak and ranted often about how unprofessional Maslak supposedly was” — are in this!

Also also: Robert Easter and Neva Friedenn, who wrote Supervan and The Toolbox Murders, were the writers of this script.

Janna is usually an expert witness in murder cases, but now she finds herself fighting for the justice her family deserves in court and then on the streets. She also discovers that even if she can read someone by touch, there’s no way that she can use that in court.

I have no idea why in a movie where Rothrock deals with the five stages of grief there’s also a fight scene punctuated by boing sound effects that would not be out of place in a nudie cutey or Italian sex comedy.

This movie is ridiculous in the way that only a 90s direct to video movie can be, which means that it is special and should be treasured. I also love how Rothrock is a strong, muscular and capable woman not made to look like a shrew; instead, she’s the hero at the center of all of this.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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