The American Angels: Baptism of Blood (1990)

How — when movies have the opportunity to do reshoots and change angles and not be live — do films make wrestling look cheaper and worse than it is in real life?

Directed and written by Beverly and Ferd Sebastian (the makers of The Hitchhikers‘Gator Bait and Rocktober Blood), this movie stars Jan MacKenzie from ‘Gator Bait 2: Cajun Justice as Luscious Lisa, a rookie wrestler due to go up against Magnificent Mimi (Mimi Lesseos) after being trained by Pattie (Sue Sexton) for the very real world of pro wrestling.

MacKenzie is also Beverly and Fred’s daughter and their son Ben also wrote the script with them, so I wonder what exactly they were thinking when they had a scene inserted — pun intended — of their daughter’s character working a naked no holds barred post-match match with promoter Diamond Dave.

If you loved 90s women’s wrestling, MacKenzie was really Luscious Lisa in GLOW, where Trudy Adams (Pam) also appeared as Amy the Farmer’s Daughter. Other GLOW favorites like California Doll, Tiffany Million, Envy and Big Bad Mama are also on hand, while Sexton and Black Venus were both long-time wresters. And if you watched WCW Nitro, you definitely recognize Lee Marshall’s voice.

Meanwhile, Lisa’s grandfather (Robert D. Bergen) was once a wrestler named Killer Kane whose finishing hold “The Snap” killed a man just like Ox Baker’s Heart Punch. So yeah, there’s a lot of drama in this and even more cheesecake, which the born-again Sebastians tried to square up reel by having a sermon at the end of the movie, which is quite a juxtaposition but God does move in very mysterious ways.

Speaking of mysterious things, who did the absolutely berserk audio mixing in this movie?

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