Streets of Rage (1993)

Richard Elfman made Forbidden Zone and Shrunken Heads and…a Mimi Lesseos street fighting movie? OK, sure. Elfman can’t hide when he uses a name like Aristide Sumatra to direct this.

This time, Mimi is Melody Sails, a former Special Forces operative turned hardboiled Los Angeles fact checker who wants to become a full reporter. To impress her editor Harrison (Tony Gibson), she starts working on a story about child prostitution and befriends two kids named Steven (Ita Gold) and Candy (Juli James), who end up staying at her house, all while three men try and woo her and one of them just might be the final boss!

I kind of like that Mimi made her own movies after being a wrestler, kind of becoming the female Ron Marchini. None of her films are good, but they’re all great if that makes sense. They come from a dimension like our own but slightly different enough to feel completely oddball at every turn. They also feel innocent and authentic, even when there’s a shower scene.

There’s also a crime lord named Lunar, which makes me realize that yes, this is a Richard Elfman movie.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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