Shrunken Heads (1994)

Writer Matthew Bright and director Richard Elfman made Forbidden Zone, which is quite honestly one of the weirdest movies ever made. So why not try and outdo it?

Well, maybe Charles Band being involved may ensure that this isn’t as delightfully odd as the last movie Bright and Elfman made. But there’s still plenty of strangeness, as nearly everyone in this movie other than the leads were video store employees who won their roles in a contest.

The Vipers street gang led by Big Mo (Meg Foster and her intense and frightening eyes) has finally gotten sick of the three teens who screw with their plans, so they blast them with a shotgun. The newspaper salesman who sells them their comic books, Aristide Sumatra (Julius Harris in his last role; he was Tee Hee Johnson in Live and Let Die as well as appearing in Black CaesarHell Up In Harlem and Hollywood Vice Squad), is a voodoo priest and brings them back to life.

Seeing as how Tommy, Bill and Fredrick are now stuck as floating shrunken heads — I wonder how Tommy’s girlfriend Sally feels, seeing as how she took part in the ritual that saved him — and they use their new superpowers to fight crime make people clean up trash.

It’s a kid movie where kids get gunned down and become flying severed heads.

Maybe it’ll give your children nightmares.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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