Fair Game (1986)

Jessica (Cassandra Delaney, one-time wife of John Denver; also the star of One Night Stand and Hurricane Smith) just wants to take care of an animal sanctuary but now she has to deal with the fury of three kangaroo poachers — Sunny (Peter Ford), Ringo (David Sandford) and Sparks (Garry Who) — after she tries to turn them in for hunting on protected land.

They take things too far when they break into her quarters while she sleeps and take nude Polaroids of her. She responds by messing with their guns, so they assault her and tie her to the hood of The Beast, a specially redesigned Ford F100, and tear through the outback. Then, they destroy her home, smash her car and kill every animal that she’s sworn to protect.

If the police (Don Barker) don’t care, if she can’t get to town and if she’s probably going to die at the hands of these men, there’s no way she’s not taking some of them out with her.

Directed by Mario Andreacchio and written by Rob George — who would also work together on The Dreaming, Captain Johnno, Abduction…Who’s Next? and several episodes of Pals

George was inspired by driving through Australia, saying “The original source of the idea for me was driving back from Sydney to Adelaide one night, we left about midnight, and around about West Wyalong we got taunted by some guy who kept driving right up behind us … just sitting a foot or two behind the back of our ute and then he’d pass us and go up and come back on the other side of the road and play chicken with us. It was really distressing.”

Andreacchio would later say, “Fair Game came out of a situation where we were wanting to make a movie that was a B-grade video suspense thriller. I wanted to treat it like comic book violence — it was always like a comic book study of violence. What amazed me and the thing I found quite disappointing was that it started to become a cult film in some parts of the world and people were taking it seriously. And that, for me, became a real turning point. I thought, if people are taking this seriously, then I don’t think I can make this sort of material.”

This movie exudes sleaze and danger, as everything surrounding Jessica is out to hurt her. It’s shot in blazing sunlight by Andrew Lesnie, who would go on to The Lords of the Rings movies. It feels like I Spit On Your Grave and Razorback had a child and then Death Proof was the kid it had when it was just a teenager.

Stick with this. It takes some time to get to where it needs to be. But when it does, it’s ready to deliver on everything you watch exploitation films for.

Farir Game will open theatrically July 8 before a digital release July 12 from Dark Star Pictures, A physical release is planned for August.

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