Little Superman (2014)

Not everyone gets a romantic origin story. For Willy Wilson, a 12-year-old comic book fan, it takes falling into a manhole and getting trapped in a sewer for a few days to learn that he can fly and has telekinesis. So when he’s free, Willy puts on a mask and does what more than one remix remake ripoff Superman has done: hunt down his parents’ murderers and kill them in cold blood.

Directed, written and produced by Vinayan — who also made the three hundred dwarf-starring Albhuthadweep (Wonder Island) — Little Superman has sequences of low budget CGI and 3D that give it a cheaper quality than perhaps even Süpermen Dönüyor, the gold standard for the lowest of the low budget Men of Steel.

When Little Superman isn’t throwing parent murderers into buildings or letting them die in burning buildings, he’s embarrassing every single teacher at his school. They can’t discipline him or they’ll die, so you have to forgive them for their lack of authority.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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