Riki the Rhino (2020)

A young rhinoceros named Riki has his horn stolen and to get it back, he and Beni the duck must unite with several animals, learn new skills and avoid the poachers who don’t just want to steal the animals, but destroy their homes.

I enjoyed that even though Beni is the kind of duck who would make merch of his best friend and sell it to other animals, he’s still willing to lose all of his feathers to make a new horn for Riki.

Sumatran rhinos aren’t just the smallest of rhinoceroses, they’re the only Asian rhino with two horns and they’re also covered in fur. According to the World Wildlife Foundation, “While surviving in possibly greater numbers than the Javan rhino, Sumatran rhinos are more threatened due to habitat loss and fragmentation. The remaining animals survive in small, fragmented non-viable populations, and with limited possibilities to find each other to breed, its population decline continues. Just two captive females have reproduced in the last 15 years.”

This would be a good film for the young zoologist or conservationist in your family. The animation may not be as great as a Hollywood film, but it had so much heart even I enjoyed it.

Riki the Rhino was originally produced in South East Asia in the Indonesian language. For the UK release, Jennifer Castle and Paul Reynolds voiced Riki and Beni, with the script adapted by BAFTA-nominated Tim Clague and Danny Stack.

Riki the Rhino is available on DVD and digital platforms from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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