3 Demons (2022)

Deputy Fisher (Peter Tell, who co-wrote this) must watch over the body of the recently deceased Matya Abelman (Laura Golinski) until her family can claim the body. But his curiosity gets the better of him and when he looks at her body, he concludes an unfinished ritual. Now tormented by literal demons, he must also face the demons of his past.

Director and co-writer Matt Cunningham (The Mangler RebornThe Spore) weaves a pretty interesting tale here. For some movies, it’d be enough to have that corpse walk around, conveniently after Fisher’s partner Haley (Heslip Winters) leaves. But what if there was something watching from the woods? Or that Fisher’s wife and daughter came back from the grave as well and start bedeviling him? And just who is that voice on the radio?

This was a real surprise to me, a movie that I had no expectations for whatsoever and ended up spellbound by. Definitely check it out — it’s high concept on low budget, which is one cocktail I always love to drink.

3 Demons is now available on DVD, Digital, and On Demand.

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