Thor: End of Days (2020)

You can’t copyright a thunder god, so while this isn’t a Marvel movie, it is a Thor movie and it puts the son of Odin (Max Aria) against Loki (Mike Milian). If you say, “That sounds a lot like 2015’s God of Thunder,” that’s because they’re the same movie.

Loki is in San Diego taking over people’s minds while Thor loses his memory and must remember why he’s on Earth and also how he showed up in a movie with a $1.5 million dollar budget.

This was directed and written by Thomas Shapiro and there was a review on IMDB that said, “Don’t trust the Shapiro family” that sounds pretty ominous.

There are also a lot of reviews calling this the worst movie ever and really just dunking all over the fake Odinson. Trust me, it’s not the nadir of film, but you can see it from there.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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