Casus Kıran: 7 Canlı Adam (1970)

Spy Smasher: The Man with Seven Lives is Turkish remix remake ripoff of Fawcett Comic superhero Spy Smasher, who was created by Captain Marvel’s creative team of Bill Parker and C. C. Beck in Whiz Comics #2. Alongside the Big Red Cheese, Spy Smasher’s battles with the Mask, the America-Smasher, the Angel and the Blitzys made Whiz Comics incredibly popular. They even had a cross-over in issues 16-18 where the Mask made Spy Smasher evil and the two heroes fought. After the war ended, he became Crime Smasher for one issue and disappeared until DC Comics purchased the remnants of Fawcett. He was part of the Squadron of Justice along with Bulletman, Bulletgirl, Ibis the Invincible, Mister Scarlet and Pinky the Whiz Kid.

The original character — there’s a female version in the DCU now — also appeared in a William Witney-directed serial, Spy Smasher, which was the inspiration for this film. And, if you can’t tell by the title and year it was released, this also has a fair amount of Eurospy influence — which shows up as this movie liberally borrows from the score for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

A sequel to 1968’s Casus Kiran (Spy Smasher), this adventure has foreign delegates coming to Turkey to set up a series of nuclear missile bases. However, someone is killing these important people one after another, so Murat from the Turkish Police seeks out the assistance of Casus Kıran, his just as deadly wife Feri (Feri Cansel) and the Sherlock Holmes cosplayer comic relief Bitik (Ahmet Danyal Topatan) to stop the killing and save Turkey.

The hero is played by Irfan Atasoy, who not only acted in this, but produced and distributed it. After watching so many Turkish remixes of superheroes, I get a bit confused, but the fact that the costume here looks less like Spy Smasher and more like the superhero in Demir Pençe (Korsan Adam) is not helping at all.

It’s amazing to me that while Spy Smasher went from one of the most popular comic book heroes ever to being one of the most obscure in a few decades — Fawcett chose to settle a decades-long lawsuit with DC and went out of business — there were still movies being made on the other side of the world about him.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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