Demir Pençe (Korsan Adam) (1969)

With a title that translates as Iron Claw (Pirate Man), this movie is also called Iron Claw the Pirate and comes from the magical brain of Çetin Inanç. Fantomas — if you’re here worrying about copyrights, you’re in the wrong place — and his goon Bechet goes up against Iron Claw and his Batgirl-esque assistant to keep the villain from invading Turkey.

Somehow between 1967 and 1969, Turkish filmmakers learned that superhero cinema had moved from 1930’s movie serials to 1960’s Batmania. This feels similar to Yilmaz Atadeniz’s own Casus Kiran, a riff on Spy Smasher, which makes sense as Inanç started as an assistant to Atadeniz.

Much like most Turkish superheroes, Iron Claw is allowed to sleep with all of the evil women he wants and keep his lady Mine. Perhaps even sadder is despite the fact that she is shown to be a capable hero, she’s never given a superhero name of her own. She’s just a nameless helper who dresses in a much sexier version of our hero’s costume. Iron Clawette seems like too easy of a name and look, I spent more time worrying about it than the people who made this movie.

Yildrim Gencer — the man who played Kilink — is also in this as a mustache sporting agent on the side of good.

Beyond the steel fisted Behcet, Fantomas also employs Cancel, who is played by Feri Cansel. If you think, that might be the best villain of all time, let me tell you that he also gets away with things no movie serial villain ever does, like murdering a kindly old professor and then making a sacrifice of that man’s daughter on an altar. Well done, Fantomas!

This is another magical trip to the no limits world of Turkish film, a place where innocent kink exists fist in glove with murderous superheroes and masked villains who get away with it.

You can download this from the Internet Archive.

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