Last Call (2019)

Lost in pain and loneliness, Scott (Daved Wilkins) calls the suicide prevention hotline one night yet accidentally reaches Beth (Sarah Booth), who works as a janitor at a local community college.

It’s a story that may have been told before, but never like this. That’s because the entire film was made as two continuous shots, with two crews filming simultaneously in different parts of a city to create one movie. Think of it as One Cut of the Dead meets Wicked, Wicked, as Last Call employs split-screens to tell both of its stories at the same time.

To match the action unfolding on the screen in real-time, composed Adrian Ellis also had musicians play the entire soundtrack while watching the film from start to finish. It adds a really great touch to a movie that has a lot going for it.

Gavin Michael Booth, who directed this, is also a writer, producer, cinematographer and editor. His other project that I know of is The Scarehouse, which I am going to track down and see if it’s as well-made as this movie.

You can learn more about the movie at its official site. We were sent a copy by its PR film, which doesn’t impact our review, but we appreciated getting to watch such an interesting new take on what could have been a familiar story.

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