Blood Claws (2016)

Somehow, within 55 minutes, a zookeeper comes to town to battle an escaped black panther and a band plays in a red-lit club for more than one song. You also don’t see the panther until the very end and yes, it’s stock footage, and yes, you should have expected that.

When you do have the panther in the movie, everything is from his POV, which is an effective way to keep the budget down.

That said, this movie has so much padding I’m shocked that it isn’t going to its first high school dance. There’s a really long sequence of someone drawing by the lake and it has little or nothing to do with the plot. I mean, maybe you’d like a hangout film where everyone just chills, but there’s a panther on the loose.

Dustin Ferguson does know how to make stuff on budget and get content out there though.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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