Chattanooga FiIm Festival: Reklaw (2021)

Fed-up prosecutor Lott (Lance Henriksen!) has given up on the justice system and devoted what’s left of his life to leading a team of criminals who work to pardon other lawbreakers by destroying crime scene evidence. In this twelve-minute short, his team is protecting a murderer named Melissa (Tasha Guevara) from going to jail by cleaning up the scene of the crime, including sawing the victim’s feet off to it him in a special sarcophagus.

The team believes that by allowing people to atone for their crimes in the real world, they will actually become better people than if they had gone to prison. Driven by his faith in the healing power of unconditional forgiveness, Lott and his team of vigilantes intercept 911 calls and fix things before the cops get there.

Working with Bangs (Scott Allen Perry), Wylie (Michael Schnick), Donna (Clara Francesca Pagone) and Missy (director and writer Polaris Banks), they find their mission tested when a killer returns to the scene of this crime, as Melissa as been set up.

At one point Lott tells Melissa, “Punishment without love behind it, you’ll come out worse. Everything you need for rehabilitation is out here.” It’s an intriguing idea and begs for way more than a short. I love the look of all of this, from the strange eye-covered lens the team wears to the shock ending. And I want so much more.

You can learn more about Rekaw at the official website and Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Chattanooga Film Fest ends tomorrow at 11:59 PM EDT. To get a Last Gasp Pass for just $32, visit the official site now.

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