Killer Crocodile (1989)

Fabrizio De Angelis — who directed, co-wrote with Dardano Sacchetti and produced this movie — was so sure of its success that he made the sequel immediately afterward. You know, De Angelis doesn’t get mentioned all that often when people bring up Italian sleaze merchants, but the guy made three Thunder movies and six Karate Warrior movies, so he knew how to replicate a successful formula. He also produced so much great junk, such as The Last MatchThe BeyondCop Target, Emanuelle Around the World and so much more.

Kevin (Richard Anthony Crenna, son of Richard, providing his own wardrobe and also getting dysentery while making this), Jennifer (Ann Douglas), foxy Pam (Sherrie Rose, Summer Job),  Bob (John Harper) and Mark (Pietro Genuardi) are sailing down a river in Santo Domingo to report on the water’s radioactivity. What happens if that radioactivity also gets into a crocodile? You won’t have to wait forever to find out.

For a while, they’re guided by Conchita and her dog Candy, but when that mutated reptile rises and destroys her, instead of the local government led by Judge (Van Johnson) figuring it all out, they frame the youngsters for murder, as Judge and Foley (Wohrman Williams) are the reasons why the town is in this whole mess.

There’s also Joe (Ennio Girolami, Viking from Sinbad of the Seven Seas), a hunter who knows the truth and is the Robert Shaw to no one’s Roy Scheider. The real star of the whole show is the gator, who pops up repeatedly and wipes out man — and spoiler warning — canine alike, but Joe is also man enough to literally surf on the thing.

If Becca and I ever get out to the Amazon, after watching this, Cubby is staying home.

You can get both this movie and its sequel from Severin or watch Killer Crocodile on Tubi.

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