Chattanooga Film Festival: Streamer Stalker (2021)

Look, I know that we do a streaming show every Saturday night but man, I still don’t get Twitch streamers. Maybe I grew up in the 70s when video games were new and we wanted to fight people for the chance to be up next, but I despise watching anyone else play, much less talk nonsense the entire time. But hey, media changes and grows and gets dumber, so who am I to be an elitist?

Touchmytoaster (Connor Del Rio, who co-wrote the script) is a streamer so popular that people track down his house, ask for his blood and pay him money to even watch him sleep. Somehow, he still has an interesting partner named Meghan (Allison Landi), even if she sleeps in the guest room now that those streamers watch every single snore of her man.

Can fans go too far? Trust me, as someone who has been a pro wrestler — even on the indy and Japan level — for a quarter of a decade, yes, a thousand times yes. None of them have ever come to my house and ask if they can take a dump or get a hug, however.

There’s so much cringe in this in the best way, cringe becoming part of horror, the fact that we have to leave behind our screens to actually interact with humans and then remember exactly why we hide behind screens. Yes, I’m connecting with you, but please leave me alone.

Director and co-writer Gaelan Connell has somehow made a better movie in 14 minutes than the Tubi exclusive First Person Shooter did about the same idea and they had 90 minutes. And yet both films feature a very awkward bathroom scene.

That said — this has the most frightening use of a toaster ever.

You can get a back half half price badge to watch all of the awesome movies at the Chattanooga Film Festival and see them until 6/29!  Get yours right here!

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