Chattanooga Film Festival: Off Limits (2021)

I live in the sticks, the literal south of Southwestern Pennsylvania and I’ve taken under five rideshares in my life. And I’m also a stocky and furrowed-brow-looking guy. But this movie made me realize the sheer terror women face getting a ride — hell, even just trying to exist — every single day.

Every driver that Charlotte “Charlie” Wilson (Mallory Rose Diekmann, who wrote the film) interacts with demands more — where do you live, what do you do, who do you date, why are you afraid — and her space remains invaded from the very opening of this short.

Director Megan Gorman does a great job of compounding that terror in every single successive scene until the worry feels oppressive. But isn’t that the point? Off Limits made me consider how women feel in the world and how lucky I am to never experience these feelings, all within the confines of a low budget short.

Well done and I am sorry.

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