La maldición del monasterio (1988)

Also known as The Curse of the MonestaryBlood Screams and The Bloody Monks, this starts with a whole bunch of minks dying to satisfy the blood urges of a demon or to steal gold or who knows what, but it’s non-stop monk death and you know me, I’m in for this movie as of immediately.

Karen (Stacy Shaffer, Cannon’s The Naked Cage) is traveling through Mexico along with a magician named Frank (how if Russ Tamblyn even in this movie?) and she just wants to escape and she falls for a boy named Jaime (Rafael Sánchez Navarro). They jump the train and I start wondering, is Karen Frank’s wife? His daughter? Is there any connection? Is she one of those giallo heroines who is gorgeous yet brings death to everyone around her because she has some strange malady? And hey Jaime, take my advice from watching so many movies: don’t go back home and solve the mystery of your father’s death.

This movie has 75 minutes to share with you enough to fill up ten other films; the magician being racist to Mexicans who laugh at him, a witch (Isela Vega, Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia) who has possessed a woman, Karen’s mysterious past, Jaime’s mysterious past, Karen’s mysterious dreams of Jaime’s mysterious past, zombies who are the monks we saw die earlier, missing gold, Russ Tamblyn doing magic tricks and acting as his own stuntman as he dove off a train in a move that seems ill-advised for anyone much less an actor already 54 when this was made and oatmeal-based makeup.

Jaime and Karen get blamed for a series of murders when we know that it was the zombies that did it because we’ve seen enough Blind Dead movies. Perhaps the biggest mystery of this movie is that it was distributed by Roger Corman’s Concorde Pictures and released on video by Warner Brothers.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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