Satanas De Todos Los Horrores (1974)

All the Horrors of Satan is the kind of movie title that you only get from Mexico or Italy and God bless them for it, totally Catholic countries that know how to get only the finest in Satanic sleaze directly into your brain. This doesn’t go as hard as some Mexitrash, but it is The Fall of the House of Usher as made by director Julián Soler.

Eric Gerard and his sister Isabel have been afflicted with a mysterious disease that impacts them both in different ways, as Eric’s senses have become incredibly sensitive and Isabel has become comatose. They’re victims of the Gerard curse, as when there is more than one child, they must go insane and die horribly.

This is a really talkative movie, so if your Spanish isn’t that great and you dislike subtitles, you should probably find something else. That said, Poe probably never intended for his movie to have black magic rituals and I have to say that this is all the better for it.

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