Ella, Lucifer y yo (1953)

She, Lucifer and I is based on the Alberto Insúa novel El Amante Invisible and has Abel Salazar as Jorge, a playboy given the power of invisibility by Lucifer (Carlos López Moctezuma) himself to become more desirable to the ladies. His goal is to win over the gorgeous singer Isabel (Sara Montiel) who has no interest in him, despite his newfound Satanic ability.

Lucifer understands and gives him another idea. Why not wear a mask and court her as if he were a dashing rogue like Zorro? That works, up until when Jorge takes off the disguise and Isobel shoots him dead. Now, the devil must bring him back to lie, because Lucifer didn’t want him. With a soul as cold as Isabel’s, she has a special place in Hell by the side of the First of the Fallen.

Director and writer Miguel Morayta directed more than seventy films, including The Invasion of the Vampires and Dr. Satan. While not a film filled with fright, there’s plenty of light-hearted fun here in an odd movie that comes from an incredibly religious country yet portrays el diablo in a good light.

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