Dr. Satan (1966)

This seems like a crime movie, except that, you know, Dr. Satan has made a deal with Satan to be able to control his three zombie women, which feels like probably the best reason to give over your immortal soul when you think about it.

The devil does show up several times, mostly from far away and he has large black wings and he’s really ferocious and awesome in the way that only a totally Catholic culture could make him look.

Joaquin Cordero, who plays the titular character, studied in a seminary and even considered being a priest at one point. He decided to become a lawyer, but then changed his mind and became an actor. He would go on to become one of Mexico’s biggest stars, including appearances in Secta Satanica: El Enviado del SenorVacations of Terror 2The Book of Stone and the somehow even better sequel to this movie.

Interpol agents against a doctor with zombie slaves that were gifted to him by el primero de los caidos. It’s as if someone took my most perfect dreams, sent them back in time and filmed them in Mexico. The left hand path has taken me many places, but this may be the most enjoyable.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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