Siete en la mira 3: Calles sangrientas (1990)

Bikers battle punks with Fernando Almada as the authority figure caught in the middle. Yes, his character was dead in the second movie in this series, but I get the feeing that this is a sequel in name only.

One of the gangs even goes to a high school where they make their money selling drugs to students. Two brothers, Raúl and Humberto, get involved, with Humberto dedicated to staying in school and Raúl joining the gang in their battles against other toughs as well as robbing trucks. Then, Humberto is killed, and his brother must reevalute his ways.

At the end of this movie, a bad guy keeps shooting Almada who keeps getting up and gritting his teeth like he doesn’t have time to bleed. Once, I saw my grandfather get stabbed — and another time he was in an accident in which most of his back was burned to a crisp — and the guy didn’t register the day or cry or even make much of a noise.

He would have loved Fernando Almada.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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