El Superloco (1937)

Margarita (Consuelo Frank) and Dr. Alberto (Ramón Armengod) are set to be married, but he keeps spending more time with Dr. Dienys (Carlos Villarías), his mentor, than with her. I mean, if you knew that someone was about to invent an eternal youth serum, you’d be spending lots of time with them as well. Meanwhile, Alberto’s aunt Susanita (Aurora Campuzano) thinks that Dienys is a wizard and teams with town drunk Sóstenes (Leopoldo ‘Chato’ Ortín) to bring him to justice.

And then — this movie as a lot going on — Margarita decides that the only way to get Alberto to give her more attention is to flirt with his mentor, which goes wrong when he tries to make love to her. She rejects him, he ages in front of her eyes and his monster — not a euphemism — gets loose.

The Super Madman feels like a poverty row ripoff of a Universal movie and that’s exactly what it is, except that it was made in Mexico.

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